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Keeping all projects in record is difficult especially when I didn't have a constant device. On this page, I listed some meaningful projects that I did with descriptions and screenshots. They cover a wide range of topics including server side application, game development, communication tools and utilities. I hope you can gain some inspirations here :)

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YRDSB Teach Assist Mobile

The next-gen Teach Assist app for YRDSB.

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YRDSB Teach Assist Website

The next-gen Teach Assist website for YRDSB.

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YRDSB Teach Assist Server

Server for YRDSB Teach Assist's app and website.

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Raspberry Pi Monitor App

System resource monitor for any arm/x86 linux machine.

FlutterRaspberry Pi
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Distribution Calculator

Calculate all kinds of distribution and draw graphs.

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Function Killer

Function graphing calculator

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A light instant messaging app with "multi-thread chatting".

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Chart Maker

Convert a list of test results to a chart of trend.

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