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A light instant messaging app with "multi-thread chatting".

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Supports Multi-thread Chatting

This concept may looks confusing, but let me explain. Implementing it is one of the main reason why I created GROK. Imaging you are discussing a math problem with your friend use text. During the discussion, one of your friend's message gives you a new idea on how to solve this problem, what can you do?

  1. Interrupt the discussion and talk about your idea
  2. Keep the idea in mind until current discussion finishes

See, neither of them is satisfying. This is where "Multi-thread Chatting" comes in. Threads separate a conversation into different topics. For example, you can continue discussing in thread one and talk about your new idea in thread two. Messages you send in both thread will all be delivered to your friends --- but separated so two ideas won't be mixed up and what does "it" referring to is clear.

Follows Material Design

Everyone loves Material Design (I hope so). So do I. Material Design is a great guideline to organize my UI and make GROK feels native.

I love the ripple effect so much.

Shockingly Fast

I spent a lot of time on optimizing GROK to achieve the minimum size and resource consumption.

By using native components, only add code that is necessary, fully utilize multiple cores and lazy loading, I'm confident to say that GROK is faster than 95% of all the messaging apps on the world.