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Maple Leaf Never Fail

“Now, Maple Leaf and Hogwarts School are united” Voldemort thought, “Maple Leaf will produce excellent students to Hogwarts School every year. If it doesn’t stop, there will be more and more troublesome people against me, like Harry Potter. But Hogwarts School is too hard to destroy, the only way to stop them is destroying Maple Leaf.”

He said to his servants:” Find some way to destroy Maple Leaf and don’t let others know that is done by us. I don’t want to get in any trouble. As soon as possible.”

And in another side, in Maple Leaf, everything seemed normal, at least now. Students and teachers transferred between classes and offices, studying and working. A day pasted fast, it soon got to night. In the middle night, after everyone was going to sleep, there was a magnificent sight: a blue magic wave was covering the school, and with no noise, the windows were broken one by one, without any noise. Nonmatter where the windows was, even on the bell tower, even in the basement, none complete glass was left.

Six hour later, there was a sensation in the school, but no one knows who did it.

“Now I’ve already broke all the windows in it. But they don’t know it is me. They must be suspect to their friends, and rumors will spread widely. I hope this can decrease the believe between them. And I also cut the connection between Maple Leaf and Hogwarts School, now Hogwarts School has no way to know what had happened.” One of Voldemort’s servant said.

But students in the Maple Leaf were much more unity than he thought, they believed each other very much. Instead of spreading rumors, they fixed the windows together without any complain. Several weeks later, nearly every window was fixed, and the life in Maple Leaf became peace again.

“It doesn’t make any effect!” Voldemort said angrily,” If they are so united, there’s only one way to defeat them.”“ Which way?” His servants asked. “bomb it.”

Several days later, a big plane appeared in his base, with four engines, waiting to take off. Voldemort was in his office, looking the plane through the window, he smiled. Then he brought a microphone near his mouth, said:” Go.” The engines started to shout, pushing the plane into the sky. “They must die.” After the plane was out of his sight, he said to himself.

It should be a normal day in Maple Leaf, but interrupted by a shrill alarm. Broadcast said every staff must stay in the basement until the alarm was stopped. But there was still someone wanted to discover what happened. Ricle and his three other friends rushed to the playground, instead of basement. A huge black plane is flying towards the school. They have no idea what would happen next. The plane got nearer and nearer, they saw the cabin of the plane was opened, and they were all very nervous. When the plane was just right over the school main building, something fell over from the plane. “That’s bombs!” One of his friend shouted,” RUN! GETAWAY FROM IT!” But Ricle cannot move his eyes from the bombs. He saw the bomb fell to the building, then with a very loud sound of exploding, there is a large hole in the building: nearly 5 meters in width, 3 meters in height. The pieces of bricks and concrete were all over the ground.

The bombs were coming like a rain, with more and more exploding, more and more pieces, the building was turned into a pile of bricks and concrete. “Oh my god”, Ricle said as the plane passed by and leave the school in ruin. Then he had an idea. He wanted to know who drove the plane and call the police.

But the plane was too fast. There’s no way to follow it. How can he know where the plane was gone? Then he thought about the laptop in his bag, he can use satellite to track it! He put out the laptop immediately, opened Google Earth, put in the location he was, then zoomed as big as possible. Not to his surprise, he fought a small black point near the school on the screen. He pointed it to his friend:” we just need to wait it stopped then we can go there! Let’s find a car first.” “Ok, let me use uber to find one.” One of his friend, Miky, said.

The alarm was stopped. Teachers and students came out of the basement, as they saw the main building, none of them weren’t shocked. People gathered in the playground, discussing, don’t know what to do next.

As they were in panic, Ricle and his friends were already in a taxi. He sat beside the driver, pointed the point on the screen, said to the driver:” Can you see this little black point? It doesn’t move. Go to this place.” Several seconds later, he added:” And if I say stop, stop at once.” The taxi driver nodded then started the car.

Then Ricle turned to his friends, said:” Listen, I don’t want to get on any trouble. So, if we see the base of the plane, we’ll just call the police and come back. Everyone understand?” They all smiled, they just would like to see what does the base look like.

The way to there was seemed noting strange until they found out some cars were tracing them.” Driver, drive the car far away from that location, quickly.” Ricle said nervously,” And Miky, call the police.” But as they turn left at the first cross, they saw two cars were just in front of them, moving slowly.

“There’re two cars before us and three cars after us! We’re done for!” One of Ricle’s friends said. “No no no” thought Ricle,” There’s always some way to get rid of it.” Suddenly he saw a tank is parking near them, he said:” I wish that tank can help us.” “Oh! It’s a good idea!” Shouted Miky, he put out his phone and opened the uber:” Yes…we are here…cars around me…here it is! It’s actually on uber! I’m not kidding!” Said Miky in an excitement. Ricle shouted: “Call it! We need fire support!”

At this time, their car was stopped by 5 cars before and after it. People in the cars were getting out, each one with a gun.

“Hello, this is tank No.352, need any help?” A sound came out from the phone. “Yes! We need! We are very close to you. Turn your gun 30 degrees to the right then you can see us! We are now surrounding by 5 cars! Destroy them!” Ricle shouted. Then they saw the gun started to spin, and seconds later it was aimed to the three cars behind them. With a great sound of gun, the cars were out of shape, burning, and enemies beside it were disappeared. Then there was another sound, other two cars were destroyed, too. “Ok, good job. I’ll pay you later. We need escape now.”

“But…but the car can’t move!” stammered the driver. He was patting the dashboard nervously. As they were going to find out what was getting wrong in this car, a man appeared right in front of it. “It’s Voldemort!” Miky shouted frightened, clapping his hands on his face. He only saw Voldemort once in an old book. “Don’t be panic! Believe we can deal with it!” Said Ricle in a confident voice, although his wasn’t confident at all.

Voldemort put out his wand, pointed to the tank, flicked slightly, then a blue spark sent out. As soon as the spark got to the tank, the tank immediately became smoke and was bringing away by the wind. Then he turned his hand to their car. Four of them get out of it in a hurry, they were all afraid about themselves turned into smoke.

Suddenly, Ricle thought something.

“起势!”He shouted.

Four of them, around the car, were calmed, and they all did the same movements. There was a circle of qi around them and the car. “You united with the Hogwarts School, you will have too much power, so I have to destroy you! Hapulodako!” Yelled Voldemort. This time, black sparks came out from his wand. At the same time, Ricle and his friends put their arms in front of their body, one was up, one was down, like holding a ball. But it absolutely not a ball, things between their arms, were the qi.

Huge amount of qi was coming to the Voldemort and the sparks were coming towards them. As they smash together, there was a great explosion. It was so bright that Ricle can’t see anything. When the light was gone, to their surprise, they saw Voldemort laying on the ground, his wand was burnt. They heard the sound of the police car coming.

“I know why all these things happen!” Ricle said to him,” Because Maple Leaf was united with the Hogwarts School, it will be dangerous to you. So, you wanted to destroy Maple Leaf!” His friends gasped when he said this. He continued:” The first thing you did is to break all the windows, but it didn’t make us split. Because of it you know you can’t destroy it with itself. So the next thing you did is to bomb Maple Leaf. Isn’t it?”

Voldemort didn’t speak, just nodded weakly.

The police were arrived. They thanked them, then forced Voldemort into the police car and drove away.

They went back the school and told the story of themselves. Every student wasn’t confused any more, they were happy that they contributed their own effort on defeating Voldemort.

The school was beginning to rebuild, but it’ll take a long time. During this time, they’ll took class in another place.

Next morning, at flag-raising ceremony, headmaster was making a speech to everyone in Maple Leaf:” I am so indebted that we have so many unity, justice, brave, loyal students and teachers. They did their best when they may lose their life in every moment. They never shrink back when they meet the most dangerous enemies. They believe each other nonmatter what had happened…”

Then was the time to raise the flag. The golden rising sun shining over the school, through the broken buildings, cast the shadow of the vestiges to the ground. The school flag was fluttering in the sky, rising. Students and teachers looked up at the sky, chanting: “Maple Leaf never fail……”