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Local produced food VS. Long-distance transported food

Today, people eat food from many different places, some people think that would be better to our environment and economy if people only eat local produced food because according to a research by PRD, money spent on transport food is more than hundreds million every year. In my view, long-distance transported food is better than local produced food.

First, local food is not abundant enough. If one person only eat local food, he or she will missing necessary nutrients. For example, people live far away from the ocean will get Goiter because they do not eat enough Iodine. They have to eat long-distance transported food to keep healthy, healthy is always more important than money. Not only seafood, but also vegetables. Only a few types of vegetable can plant in local place, they can't provide enough nutrients, either. On the other hand, uncontrollable factor may affect the production of local food. For example, in 2010, drought and plague of insects happened in the Niger. Because of the disaster, there was 11% reduction in grain production. In this case, long-distance transport food is very important to every people.

The second reason is that long-distance transported food can promote economic exchanges in various regions. In 2016, the trade volume of food import and export in China was reached over 55,400,000,000 dollar. Without long-distance transported food, this number will be zero. Some of these money is tax that can help our country develop better. Although long-distance transported food always be expensive because company want to earn money, but because of competition between different companies, most of these money is used on developing more delicious and more healthy food.

Lastly, industry concentration can increase production capacity. And concentrate factories always have high effectiveness. Here's a simple example for it: image you're going to fry French fries at home, you have to prepare a large pot of oil, and after fried a little fries, you have to dump all of them, it causes a lot of waste. But if a cook in a restaurant do the same thing, he can reuse the oil instead of waste it. It is same with concentrate factories, this type of factory produce more and cost less. But it's obviously that people around the factory cannot finish what factory produced. In this case, long-distance transportation is necessary.

In summary, long-distance transported food is good for our environment because concentrate factories have high effectiveness. Although long-distance transportation pollutes the environment, concentrate factories can save more. Long-distance transported food is also good for economy because when people buy long-distance transported food, he or she is actually helping his or her's country to develop and companies making better food.

Obviously we are eating long-distance transported food everyday. Hegel said, things exist is reasonable. long-distance transported food is popular nowadays must have its reason. It is abundant, healthy and delicious. I think everyone should eat long-distance transported food.