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YRDSB Teach Assist Website

YRDSB Teach Assist Website

The next-gen Teach Assist website for YRDSB.

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Unofficial YRDSB Teach Assist Web

One of the three programs in the project. Other two: Fetch TA Data, YRDSB Teach Assist Mobile.

This is an unofficial YRDSB Teach Assist website for checking marks, address:

Made by a grade 11 student in MCI.

Uses React.

It uses public API provides by Fetch TA Data. Here is the API documentation.

My YRDSB Teach Assist Web <-----> Fetch TA Data <-----> Official TA Website

Key Features

  • Beautiful UIs and Animations
  • Chart
  • Fast loading speed

To Run

Debug mode: npm start

Build for release: npm build

Support Me

I spent hundreds of hours on this project, consider buy me a cup of coffee?

Donate: patreon

Feedback: Create a GitHub issue or email me [email protected].

Development: Create a pull request or email me [email protected]