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YRDSB Teach Assist Server

YRDSB Teach Assist Server

Server for YRDSB Teach Assist's app and website.


Fetch TA Data

One of the three programs in the project. Other two: YRDSB Teach Assist Mobile, YRDSB Teach Assist Web.

Made by a grade 11 student in MCI.

This is a tool for fetching data from Official Teach Assist and rearranging it to a machine-friendly JSON format. It is also a server of the unofficial mobile APP and the website. The TA Public API is provided by it.

When used as a server, it acts as a "compatibility layer" which allows me to update TA-fetching-algorithm without upgrading my app or website. Also, it allows me to fetch data from official TA periodically and send notifications (Using FCM).

My YRDSB Teach Assist APP <-┐                            ├-> Fetch TA Data Server <--> Official TA WebsiteMy YRDSB Teach Assist Web <-┘

To Get JSON-Formatted Data From TA

java -jar fetch_ta_data.jar getmark [student_number] [password]

add -h to get help

To Run as a Server

java -XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow -jar fetch_ta_data.jar server

add -h to get help

The config file is data/config.json. If you need to send notifications, you need to add data/serviceAccountKey.json file (download it from firebase cloud messaging)

Create Docker Image


Support Me

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