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YRDSB Teach Assist Mobile

YRDSB Teach Assist Mobile

The next-gen Teach Assist app for YRDSB.

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Unofficial YRDSB Teach Assist Mobile Client

One of the three programs in the project. Other two: Fetch TA Data, YRDSB Teach Assist Web.

This is an unofficial YRDSB Teach Assist mobile app for checking marks, you can get it from Google Play and App Store.

Made by a grade 11 student in MCI.

Uses Flutter framework to achieve cross platform support.

It doesn't fetch data from official TA website, but from Fetch TA Data server, which fetches data from official TA periodically.

My YRDSB Teach Assist APP <-----> Fetch TA Data <-----> Official TA Website

Key Features

  • Beautiful UIs and Animations
  • Notifications
  • Add, Edit and Remove assessments (What If Mode)
  • Time Line
  • Archived and cached courses (still able to view marks after teacher hides the mark or the course get removed)
  • Fast loading speed
  • Multi-account support

To Compile

  1. Create a Firebase project and put google-services.json in Android project and GoogleService-Info.plist in iOS project.
  2. Go to Syncfusion to get a community licence and put it in lib/licence.dart.

Support Me

I spent hundreds of hours on this project, consider buy me a cup of coffee?

Donate: patreon

Feedback: Create a GitHub issue, email me [email protected] or use the in-app feedback page

Development: Create a pull request or email me [email protected]